About the Campaign

In light of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster, Women of the Storm is rallying to restore America’s Gulf coast now and for future generations. The “Be the One” effort intends to galvanize the nation around the cause of coastal restoration in order to demand that government leaders address this critical issue. By signing this petition, you add your name to the list of Americans demanding full funding and sustainable implementation of a plan for the restoration of the Gulf of Mexico, its coastlines and its wetlands.

Why It Matters

Anything less than complete coastal restoration is unacceptable. This nation requires a healthy Gulf of Mexico for a number of reasons involving domestic energy, shipping, seafood, ecology, recreation and culture. America’s Gulf produces nearly half of the U.S. domestic energy supply, and more than two thirds of the nation’s shrimp and oysters. Seven of the nation’s largest 10 ports are located in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf is a flyway for 40% of North America’s duck, geese, swan and eagle populations. Much of the continent’s waterfowl population winters along the Gulf Coast. And because millions of people annually visit Gulf beaches, embark on fishing trips, participate in water sports and otherwise enjoy this national treasure, the impact of a healthy Gulf on the quality of life in the region and beyond is immeasurable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support or oppose the deepwater drilling moratorium? Do you support or oppose any particular bill having to do with climate change?

Women of the Storm is both non-partisan and non-political, and we have no official position on any issue other than the necessity for full funding and implementation of a comprehensive plan to restore the Gulf, its beaches and its wetlands.

We don’t live in the United States, so we have no ZIP code to sign the petition. But we want to help the cause. What can we do?

We require a valid U.S. ZIP code from people signing the petition because we will sort signatures by U.S. state and congressional district in order to inform senators and representatives of how many individuals from their home areas have signed. We have added the following language to the petition: “Not in the U.S.? You can still support the cause by joining us on Facebook.” We are inspired by the amount of interest in this initiative we’ve seen from around the world. The profound global implications of this crisis are one of the strongest arguments for restoration. Your support is appropriate, and appreciated, whether you live in the U.S. or any other point around the world. So, while this is a global crisis, its solution is an American responsibility. We must show our elected officials that the people who elected them demand a healthy Gulf of Mexico. So you’re not a U.S. resident, but you want to participate in the fight for Gulf restoration? Great! Join the conversation. Take part in the exchange of ideas on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Encourage your American friends to sign the petition. Engage people in conversation about the importance of a healthy Gulf of Mexico to all the citizens of the world.

But isn’t BP already paying? Do you expect taxpayers to pay for this? Who do you expect to fully fund the restoration efforts?

We care that Gulf Coast restoration is fully funded and sustainably implemented. We have not identified specific sources or combinations of public/private dollars. The critical need for coastal restoration precedes the oil spill, however. Louisiana has contributed $1.3 billion in three years toward repairing its coast, and Congress authorized nearly $2 billion for Gulf Coast restoration in the Water Resources Development Act of 2007. That money has never been appropriated and is thus unavailable. Marshland the size of a football field turns into open water every 38 minutes in a trend that has been ongoing for decades. We have lost land larger than the size of Delaware since the 1930s. That vanishing acreage acts as speed bumps for hurricanes. In its absence, hurricane energy is free to wreak havoc on coastal populations – human and otherwise – and on the U.S. economy.

Are you part of the official federal site, restorethegulf.gov?

The Women of the Storm has learned that its petition site, restorethegulf.com, is being confused with restorethegulf.gov, the official federal site for the Deepwater BP oil spill response and recovery. There is no affiliation between the two sites in content, mission or funding. And, in fact, the petition site’s URL was registered before the government site was launched.

Women of the Storm

Founded in January 2006 in response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, Women of the Storm is a diverse, non-political, nonpartisan group of women from the New Orleans area and across South Louisiana. The organization was born out of a shared desire to rebuild homes, businesses and communities.

Women of the Storm is focusing current efforts on restoring America’s vanishing Gulf Coast. The group will secure as many signatures to the petition as possible before delivering the results to Congress and the Obama administration to show strong national support for funding and implementation of coastal restoration.